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This is the picture of a woman on sabbatical. She is working while sitting under a tree waiting for the black collared barbet to make an appearance out of the nest. Patience is a virtue.. people that know Connie wouldn't always think that is one of her dominant traits. She succeded though.

I have finally found a way to get photos on my ipad from Connie's camera. I have set up a web stream for people to see them. If you are interested just email me and I will send you an invitation. It has taken three weeks to get to this point. I thank you all for your patience,


All have arrived

Yesterday Sean and jean arrived. Today is Sean's birthday so he started the day in the Indian Ocean. We followed it with a trip into town to the grocey store. we are now stocked up on food, wine and beer. We are so excited to be together and start this trip. We will hang out here till Friday and then we are off on the first adventure.


Beach Glass

I have never really lived by the ocean. well, not true, when i was 18 i lived in florida next to the Atlantic Ocean. i laid on the beach a lot and got a lot of sun damage that i am dealing with today. i didn't walk on the beach much. i don't remember many shells. i do still have a bottle that washed up from the beach. it had a cork in the top and was from the Dominican Republic i put some shells and sea water in it to take back to illiniois. i still have it. no water..

so being here is interesting to me. i walk a lot on the beach. it is nice at low tide. not a lot of shells, but some. the thing that amazes me is beach glass. i have seen it when people make jewelry out of it. they always act like it is rare. i find so much of it here. i keep wondering about it. i usually only find white, brown or green. it is in small shards and polished smooth. i collect it for my granddaughter and daughter. allie, my granddaughter makes jewelry that she sells on etsy. my daughter sells lockets. i thought the glass would be good for them to use in their jewelry. it also gives me something to look for. just a nice thing to do..



First travel weekend


Our first weekend trip was to a place in the valley called the Midland Meanders. There are roads throughout the valley that have shops and crafts people open to show their work. Our first stop, The Wood Turner. Connie was delighted.

As you can see by the pictures, his bowls were quiet large, over a meter across. Thankfully, Connie didn't buy one. She did buy several smaller ones. She was most excited about the lathe. It was huge and I don't think she will be looking for one on Craig's list.

When he took her in to see the room where he was drying the bowls, he mentioned to look out for snakes. They come into the room to cool off. About that time a little dog came over and licked her toes. I didn't see the response, but she said she jumped and let out a scream.

We then traveled on up the mountains to the Giants Castle. It was a very hard drive filled with pot holes, people on the road and goats, cows and sheep. By the time we arrived I was ready for a glass of wine. At the gate they let us know there were three kinds of snakes there. One the spitting puff adder. If the venom goes into your eyes you must clean it out with water, milk or urine. Connie had lots to say about that!!! Thankfully, we never saw any snakes but it wasn't because I wasn't looking.


On Monday Connie had meetings and I was taken to the weaving shop on the meander. I was as thrilled by the weavers as Connie was with woodworker. The man who runs it now is a second generation weaver and his family has been weaving for 37 years in this place. They use the local women to spin and weave. The loom the woman is using in the picture is like mine. Hers has seen a lot more wear. They had a 4 meter loom and a 9 meter was incredible. I wanted to sit right down and start weaving. They only wove rugs and sold them mostly to New York. I loved every minute of being there. It reminded me that I have a loom that is the Cadillac of looms. I can weave anything.

There are lots more pics to show and I will soon have them posted on a website. My friend, John Hartleroad is helping me with that technology. He is an incredible photographer and I will post his site later.

So we are in Durban now for Connie to have another meeting. After this we are heading home to our beach house. We have missed it a lot and long to be on the patio with a glass of wine. We are first going to the local mall where we have heard there is an Apple store. We want to work out a few glitches. So will try to download pics soon. Connie has a billion bird ones that need a little editing..




It's hard to know when to get up when you are in a different hemisphere and you aren't working This picture is sunrise over the ocean at about 5:30 am. A time I would get up and get ready for work....very unhappily. Now I am jumping up to see the sunrise and watch the birds. I love having my tea in the quiet of the day.

We took off after this to travel to the mountains. A peaceful morning ended in an anxious day. Driving on the other side of the road with the stick shift in your left hand instead of the right, dodging pot holes, people, sheep, cows and lots of goats left me a wreck. By the time we got to the mountains I was ready for a gin and tonic.

Tomorrow I will update the adventure. We are doing really well


Trying again

I have been trying a new app to help me post. This actually could be the answer to my issues. It is called blogsy if anyone is interested. Typepad recommended it. So this is a test post adding pictures.

There is a child next door and this is his playground equipment. This is the view from our patio.

The fence is there since this is a gated community

This is the "rug" on the floor of our house. It is a hit when my grandson face times with us. It is difficult to walk across it. I still haven't gotten used to it being there. Someone visiting thought it had probably died of natural causes. Really?

This was the full moon last night Lovely.

All in all we are doing well. This is our first week here. We will be traveling this weekend in our smaller car. Going to the midlands to giant's castle. There are roads going different ways with crafts along the way. Two weaving sites are on the routes. Also a wood turner for Connie. We are negotiating how long we will stay in each site. You know how those wood turners are.

Thanks for being patient. We may be in business.


I am trying to post using my iPad. I don't have my computer and there have been some technical issues that I won't go into but just know.... They are driving me crazy. So this is really just. Test to see if I can add pics be patient ( more than me ). Image
We might be in. Us invests her.

South Africa

Just a note to say we arrived. It isn't easy traveling so far. I always forget how jet lag makes you feel so sick. Probably didn't help that I was sick. Anyway, we are here and almost settled in. We have a house right on the ocean. We live in a very quiet neighborhood, so the crashing of the waves is something to get used to. I'm sure I will soon not notice but for now it is loud. The trip was easy after the intensity of getting ready. Being gone for six months plus renting out our house made for a lot of logistics. I will have pics soon. I think it's nap time.