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If you look to the left at the top, you will see that there is a new tab. It is called photo albums!! I only have one album to try it out. I will continue to add pictures of our adventures. I am so thrilled! I have struggled with trying to show pictures all along. My friend, John, can tell you how hard it's been. I have been trying to make a tab for the books I am reading. I have so much time to read, I am flying through books and want to share them here. I couldn't find a way to do that but did find this photo album tab.

If anyone knows how to add books, let me know. In the mean time, I will be adding some albums from the last few months.

We will be leaving Cape Town on Sunday. I will be so sad to leave. I have loved being in our apartment. I have become fascinated watching the tugs pull in the container ships. I even went down to the waterfront and looked over the tugs. If there had been someone on board I would have asked all about it. I also love the boats coming and going, the cruise ship that leaves on Friday and comes back on Saturday... where does it go?

I have learned to get around by bus and have my own bus pass. I have walked miles and miles to the waterfront, downtown and to the little grocery store.

I have seen the markets and the museums and the gardens. I have made friends with the neighbors and the dog next door. I have loved the sunshine and the summer warmth..

so now it's time to move on. Not a hardship, when you know you are going to London. I am hoping that springtime has arrived, though. I really look forward to exploring all the textile places I have read about. I will be there for the spring blooms in the gardens. We have many friends coming to visit and my daughter, grandson, and granddaughter. That wil be so wonderful.

So be patient while I load pictures and stay in touch for more adventures.



sewing susan

Way cool!!!! So glad you were able to figure out how to create the photo album so we can see your pictures. Persistence can pay off. Safe flight to London. Xo


"where does it go?"...ah the time to ponder questions with answers that don't really matter anyway! Love that.


Good reads

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