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Last two weeks


I don't take many pictures but this one was so beautiful. I had my ipad with me and it turned out well. It is the National Gallery and St Martin's in the Fields Church.

We are down to the last two weeks. We have had loads of visitors and it has been really fun. As the time passed, I was able to show them around pretty confidently. When I started I was lost every day. I still get lost, but I am pretty sure of the map and my walking abilities now. I walk 5 to 10 miles a day. My feet are tired, but they are still trucking.

I love it so much here, I could easily stay another year. I walk by places like the one above and I almost cry to know I won't see it for a while. I will be back. The architecture and the history astound me every day. I still get out every day and go places. I am now going to go back to my favorite places and see things for the last time. The National Gallery, the Portrait Gallery and of course, The Victoria and Albert. I will dedicate one full day to that one.

Some of the highlights..

War Horse was incredible. If ever you get a chance to see it, go. The puppets were more than puppets, they were alive.

We also saw Lion King and it was also amazing. London theater is always good. We have seen at least 6 plays and it has been such a good experience. We even saw one in a pub theater. A musical about WWII and you could drink all the ale you wanted in the theater.

Hampton Court was where Henry VIII lived. He is actually still there. An actor that looks like him walks around and talks to you. There are many people there reenacting certain events in history. So interesting, I know it sounds corny, but it isn't. The castle is old and beautiful and you feel like you could have lived there too.

We went to Paris for the weekend!! We took the train under the English Channel and was there in two hours.

PUBS... I will miss pubs. We have such a different idea of a pub. They are so nice to walk into and have a quick lunch and an ale. The ale was an experience that I learned from our friend Jeremy. What to drink and what not.. we have dinner in the pub at least once a week.

Well, I could go on and on. It is wonderful and I will miss it but I will be back. I think all our visitors had a good time. We have had 11 people so far and I am on my way to the airport to pick up our last one. I think it was so good to have people here. I was able to go places with them and share my favorites places. I spend a lot of time walking alone, so fun to share with others. Connie's niece lives here and I have had many lunches with her. Plus our dear friends that Connie met in medical school live here too, lots of dinners with them. So a good experince. My sabbatical has been a success.

I had a dream about work last night.. where did that come from? It was one of those dreams where you didn't know you were suppose to take care of that baby and it didn't get fed all day. We all have work dreams, mine just involve babies. Guess the thoughts of going home bring up my life at work. It is going to be quiet different to not work. I will do 2 days a month.. I'm calling it travel money!!