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Here I Am

i recently saw that i had paid the bill for type pad out of my banking account. I haven't written here since last june, so I had to make a decision to either give up this blog or actually use it. 

i had an amazing year last year of travel and adventure. this year is more a stay at home year and i'm not sure i have much to say. i still am weaving and happy to be in my weaving room with something on the loom. actually, i have two floor looms and two small tapestry looms, so there is always something happening in there. is that what i want to talk about?

i have not stitched in a bit. i still long to do it, but it isn't happening right now. i wanted to concentrate on weaving. i have so many ideas and i'm so eager to learn more. i recently rejoined the local weavers guild. i found there was a rug study group so i even joined that. i bought the classes on cd's of archie brennan. i am working my way through those too.

i think i will continue with the blog and record my weaving adventures. i am not sure anyone is interested but it will help me to have a commitment to blog and weave. i will try it for a month and see if that happens. 

just going...