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Wedge weave


I have decided to blog again. I have been so excited about all my projects and the time I have now to work on them. Wedge weave is something I have loved for years. I don't have a teacher but I have researched it a lot. I am not there yet but it is getting better. I do love doing it and I love the colors.

This little loom is empty and I try to not let that happen. I have a rule about looms not having things draped over them. As you can see I am breaking the rules. Time to change it


I bought this yarn yesterday and plan to use it for the little loom. I also have a rule to not buy new yarn till I use whT I have. BUT someone gave me a gift certificate at a yarn store for my birthday. Had to buy something.

So I am also using my time to learn calligraphy, try sketching and knitting a lot. I feel like I can stretch out and learn what I want. Time is so abundant right now ... When have you ever said that? It has taken so many years to reach this time and I wouldn't give up that time of having little kids or teenagers but I love this time.

So I'm back and I don't care who comes by or not. I am doing this for me right now. I have the time.