Here I Am
August 4th, 1970

Wedge weave


I have decided to blog again. I have been so excited about all my projects and the time I have now to work on them. Wedge weave is something I have loved for years. I don't have a teacher but I have researched it a lot. I am not there yet but it is getting better. I do love doing it and I love the colors.

This little loom is empty and I try to not let that happen. I have a rule about looms not having things draped over them. As you can see I am breaking the rules. Time to change it


I bought this yarn yesterday and plan to use it for the little loom. I also have a rule to not buy new yarn till I use whT I have. BUT someone gave me a gift certificate at a yarn store for my birthday. Had to buy something.

So I am also using my time to learn calligraphy, try sketching and knitting a lot. I feel like I can stretch out and learn what I want. Time is so abundant right now ... When have you ever said that? It has taken so many years to reach this time and I wouldn't give up that time of having little kids or teenagers but I love this time.

So I'm back and I don't care who comes by or not. I am doing this for me right now. I have the time.




i'm here. there will be a lot sense of time here soon too.

Mo Crow

love the colours!


sounds like you have plans


thanks mo
i never respond to your blog, though i always read it. it wants too much info I don't have.
just know i am there.. lurking


What a lovely weave !!!

hey linda --
your weaving is just so beautiful.

it can be good to break rules sometimes .

i am happy for you that you have time ---& you are willing ---to explore.


hey Judy
so good to see your name here..
I am loving retirement.


Thanks Els.. It has been fun


Life continues in ebbs and flows.
Welcome back....happy to have just found you.


thanks for coming by. as you can see this post was in april. I am not a good daily blogger and think I should do more, but why should?
Life is at the full stage right now, but you know winter is right around the corner with quieter days.

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