August 4th, 1970
Sunday morning


I haven't posted in so long, I decided to check out this space and see if it still works. Not for anyone to follow or read, but maybe just for me. 
Who knows what I would even write, but I am still here. I still weave, knit, read, drink tea and think way too much. I like to keep my mind full of something so thinking just stays as far in the background as possible. 

I am going to see how it goes. A new computer to play with and a new year to stretch ahead. It always feels like a new beginning. This year not so excited since so many things are dragging here from the past year. It was a hard two months at the end and I wish I could just push them under the rug. Where is that rug?

so here goes nothing, as they say










Mo Crow

(((Linda))) Your beautiful indigo heart full of love and hope have arrived for the dream & your blog is working!

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